Affiliated institutions

Ombudsfin asbl is competent to deal with complaints against affiliated financial institutions.

For financial institutions:

Read here (French) how a financial institution can join Ombudsfin asbl. 

For clients of financial institutions:

All member institutions of the Belgian Federation of the Financial Sector (Febelfin vzw) that offer their services to private individuals are automatically members of Ombudsfin vzw.

Click here to access the list of Febelfin asbl members.

Other financial service providers:

Other financial service providers can become members of Ombudsfin asbl.

Some categories of service providers even have an obligation to do so. This is particularly the case for banking and investment intermediaries, as well as for individual lenders and credit intermediaries.

Click here for a list of banking and investment services intermediaries.

Click here for a list of lenders.

Click here for the list of consumer credit intermediaries.

Click here for a list of mortgage intermediaries.

Click here for a list of approved payment institutions in Belgium

Click here for a list of approved electronic money institutions in Belgium

Below you will find a list with contact details of the relevant complaints departments of a number of members of Ombudsfin vzw. If the financial institution is not mentioned on the list, simply state clearly in your communication with the financial institution concerned that it is a complaint or that your mail is for the complaints department.

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