Ombudsman for financial services


Each client of a financial institution, who acts as a natural person in his own interests, can introduce a complaint with Ombudsfin when he didn’t obtain a satisfactory solution for his problem from his financial institution. Ombudsfin is an independent mediation service. He is competent for complaints against banks, credit companies, stockbroking firms or portfolio managers,… that are affiliated to the Service. Affiliated Institutions


The complaint has to be introduced with a written request by post, fax, mail or the webformular. The procedure with Ombudsfin is free.


The Ombudsman seeks a pragmatic solution for the problem, respecting the interests of both parties. When during the dialogue between the parties it becomes clear that an arrangement cannot be reached, then the Ombudsman takes a position. The decisions of the Ombudsman are not binding.


Complaints of businesses and independents


Ombudsfin is also competent to treat complaints of businesses or independents concerning the execution of a credit contract, basic banking services for businesses, concerning a cross border payment up till 50.000 EUR or concerning Multilateral Interchange Fees.




Jean CATTARUZZA, Ombudsman


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